Traditional New England Lobster & Clambakes

Traditional New England Lobster & Clambakes

“The New England Tradition Older than America”

Native Americans introduced clambakes as we know them today to the pilgrims and settlers of the United States. After observing these bountiful seaside feasts, our forefathers adopted the techniques in the late seventeen hundreds. Clambakes today are a fun, festive, delicious tradition that is sure to impress your guests at your next catered event.


Our New England Clambakes start with a focus on only the freshest local shellfish and produce. Our lobsters, mussels, littleneck clams, produce, and all accompaniments are sourced directly from the island of Martha’s Vineyard. Lobsters, clams, & mussels are typically harvested THE DAY of your event, from Menemsha and Edgartown fisherman and wholesalers.


Premier Chef Services Inc. caters traditional pit-dug clambakes with hot rocks, seaweed covered on an approved beach, as well as in-home clambakes right in your rental or residence kitchen. Regardless of location, our team of hospitality and catering professionals will ensure your clambake is delicious and unforgettable.


Premier Chef Services can accommodate groups of any size, no matter how specific or vast your catering needs are. We understand that every event is unique and special, and we are happy to accommodate all needs for any sized affair. We are available for either traditional or in-home clambakes, from a casual event with paper plates and a beautiful sunset to fully catered formal events complete with raw bar, passed hors d’oeuvres, plated or buffet dinner, waitstaff and bartenders.


Let us handle everything for your next event. We can make arrangements for all rental items with local businesses, alcohol and bar set-up, perfectly prepared buttery shellfish, full catering staff needs, and of course clean up!

Lobster + Clambake FAQs:

q: Can we do a traditional pit dug clambake on the beach?
a: Yes. BUT only if you are at a private residence with a beach or at a private venue that has prior written approval of the owner. It is against state law to have fires on public beaches or land.
q: Can we do a clambake at our rental property?
a: YES! Absolutely, we already work with most major rental companies on the island and have worked in most rental homes. This will be a more modern clambake with the same menus’ and principals of a pit dug clambake. Everything a traditionally catered clambake entails without the hassle of digging and waiting. We will set the table, cook you a fresh in home dinner and clean up everything.
q: We have guests that either do not care for lobster or are allergic to shellfish, can you accommodate other options for these guests? 
a: Yes. For guests that do not care for lobster or have serious allergies to shellfish, we can provide an alternative entree and appetizer options. Vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free or other allergen or dietary restricted options are no problem! If it is a plated dinner we can provide separate meals on an individual basis table per table. 
q: What type of staff do you provide? 
a: We are a fully licensed and insured caterer that can provide all of your staffing needs. From professional servers, licensed bartenders and of our highly trained chef staff we have you covered. 
q: What other vendors can you work with on island to help streamline the event building process?
a: In addition to providing full catering services, we can help you contract tent and equipment rentals, providing wholesale liquor & beverage, bar set-up, waste removal, flowers and a/v equipment. We will deal with the details and the vendors will send you a separate invoice based on your needs. 
q: We want to do a more formal clambake buffet, but want to do a more diverse menu, what other menu options can you provide?
a: Any type of menu that you desire we can provide.We can start with a clambake menu base with lobsters for entree and supplement other options. 
q: Can you provide either a buffet or a multi-course menu?
a: Both plated and buffet style clambakes can be accommodated. Traditional beach pit dug and in home clambakes can be provided in either plated or buffet style service. This depends on your event’s specific catering needs and we are happy to accommodate any specific needs.

Call or email to set up your next Martha’s Vineyard Clambake!